Ways To Improve Self-Esteem: The Practical Advice

Do you frequently ask how you can improve self-esteem? Do you often find yourself unable to leap over challenges and be motivated to fulfill your goals because of a lack of confidence? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. 

We’re here to tell you how you can train yourself to finally gain self-esteem that’s rooted and is immovable by circumstance.

Improve Self-Esteem: The Barriers 

First, let’s talk about barriers. What hinders you from achieving self-esteem? If you’ve read other pieces of insights regarding this, you may have seen factors such as a broken family, parents who were not supportive, bad peers, etc. However, we want you to understand that no matter your environment, self-esteem is completely dependent on you

This is because situations may tear you down, yes. But at the end of the day, it’s how you respond to them that tell of who you are. It’s how you hold yourself up (or not) that either makes you confident. Or, the opposite. 

So, a few things that keep you for achieving your true potential in self-confidence… a negative attitude and negative thinking, goals that are unrealistic, laziness, and procrastination (yup, this is so true), a lack of conviction and values. Hence, what can be done about these?

Improve Self-Esteem: The Practical Steps Towards Confidence 

Ways To Improve Self-Esteem: The Practical Advice

1. Move Forward 

The step forward will always mean leaving behind what needs to be left behind. And no, that’s not redundant at all. Let go of the past and don’t do a double-take. No looking back. At the same time, let go of toxic friends and colleagues who are nothing but putter-downers and are, themselves, negative in attitude and thinking, as well as lacking in convictions and values (alluding to the paragraph before). 

2. Take Note Of Everything Positive About You 

This can range from being skilled at something, to being able to wake up on time each day. There’s a slew of things you’ll be able to think of, whether ginormous or minute. In fact, other positivity coaches advise that you remind yourself of these whenever you’re feeling self-doubt. 

Ways To Improve Self-Esteem: The Practical Advice
Ways To Improve Self-Esteem: The Practical Advice

Furthermore, appreciate what you DO have, along with the people you value in your life.

3. Take Note Of Your Negative Actions And Thoughts.

After identifying said negative elements, be proactive in determining what you can do to change these. Afterward, be just as proactive in actually making the change. It’s good to accept that you’re not perfect. Nobody is. 

However, the more important step here is to know what to do in order to make them better and to follow through with action. 

4. Be Conscientious About Your Health 

People tend to ignore, or even forget, that this plays a role in building or breaking down self-esteem. Taking care of your body isn’t only literally good for you. It’ll send signals to your brain’s prefrontal cortex and send positive vibes all over your bodily systems, and mood. 

Likewise, staying healthy can change the way you understand body image towards the positive, of course. 

5. Organize And Achieve 

Organize your daily tasks and make this a habit. Studies have shown that organized people are likely to be more motivated than those who are disorganized. On the same note, the purpose of writing down your tasks of the day is to be able to see what you’ve achieved come evening. 

Check off the ones you’ve completed and you’ll be able to have a sense of fulfillment that will inspire you to do the same come the next morning. 

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