Top Confidence and Beauty Quotes

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While confidence comes naturally to some people who are beautiful, some people really have a hard time feeling confident of their looks, body and hair in public. Here are some funny confidence quotes that can help you boost your self-esteem and confidence in a light and humorous way.

Beauty Confidence Quotes

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  • “Your limits are just in your brain. You have the authority to ex
    tend its limit as much as you want”

So funny, but so true. It is actually just our mind and our thoughts that set up limits for ourselves. In reality, there is no limit to anything. We have the capacity to increase our limits to any levels.

  • “Self-confidence is a gift that you could give it to yourself”

Of all the greatest gifts that you want to give yourself, the most important one is self-confidence. If you are confident about yourself, no one can put you down mentally. 

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  • “You can’t express yourself until you have self-confidence”

It is very necessary to have self-confidence and the belief that whatever you think and feel is right and how you are going to convey to others will also be right. If you have this self-confidence, only then you can express yourself properly to the world and convey your message or opinion.

  • “I used to walk into a room full of people and wonder if they like me.. now I look around and wonder if like them”

A very amusing and funny confidence quote, this one comes with a loud message. You need to stop bothering about what the world is thinking about you. You need to make your own choices, do what you want and think again, whether you want people to like you or have your own important list of likeable people. This kind of attitude will not make your people-shy anymore.

  • “You were born to be real, not perfect”

This one is a very powerful confidence quote that suggests that it is okay to make flaws, errors and mistakes in front of people. Remember that no one is perfect or can be perfect. What really matters is that you need to own your mistakes and yet move about with your head held high. This is what boosts your self-confidence.

  • “Be gentle with yourself, and you are doing the best you can”

The only thing that you can do to yourself is to be gentle to yourself and stop punishing yourself for silly things. It is alright to fail sometimes and absolutely alright to not be able to accomplish your goals. What you need to do is some exclusive thinking, brain-boosting, loving yourself and giving yourself more chances in life.

  • “Set some goals. Stay quiet about them. Smash the shit out of them. Clap for your own damn-self”

This funny confidence quote is as powerful as it sounds. What you need to do in life is to set some goals so as to give  your life a meaning. Then, you need to stop bragging about these goals to the world. Just keep quite and work hard to accomplish your goals. Lastly, when you reach your goals, feel happy for yourself and again stop bragging.

These are our pick of the top 7 funny confidence quotes.

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