The Truth About Quiet Confidence 

What is Quiet Confidence and what’s all the hubbub surrounding this unique type of self-esteem? We’re here to tell you what it is, and what makes having this trait allow you to be more self-assured and confident. 

Quiet Confidence Explained 

In its definition according to behavioral psychology, quiet confidence is a form of self-belief that’s stemmed from self-success, even when no one’s watching. No matter the kind of situation merits success. Why? Because even the very mere definition of “success” varies per person.

Quiet confidence is about being so assured of yourself and what you can do, that you have such a drive towards achieving what you plan to. More importantly, you don’t require validation from people around you. In fact, you don’t need any title that that success may bring you. 

The Truth About Quiet Confidence 
The Truth About Quiet Confidence

It’s a “mindset” that sets apart this kind of confidence from the rest. You may even call it a “winner’s mindset”, but without the blaring announcement of it in shining lights. It’s not about the accolade and recognition. Your self-esteem is whole even if only you know about it. 

Additionally, this confidence is you trusting in who you are despite what others might think about you. 

Learn About Quiet Confidence: How To Get It 

1. Listen, And Again, Listen 

Quietly confident men and women are excellent listeners. They know when to stop and let others speak. At the same time, they don’t do so with disdain but with genuine respect for the person/s who has the floor. 

You don’t always have to make people know that you have a point. You don’t always have to have the last say or win in an argument. Moreover, listening actually gives you the upper hand. Not only does it literally help you hear what others have to say, but it also gives you time to reflect on your own thoughts, and calm your emotions. 

2. Stop Being Someone Else

The trouble with today’s world, especially with social media providing you with sublime ideas of what you should be, should look like, should have, this generation has difficulty being the unique person that they are. Instead, you end up copying someone, often, without being aware of it. 

The Truth About Quiet Confidence 
The Truth About Quiet Confidence

How do you go back to seeing only yourself and not comparing yourself to anybody else? Be reminded of what you can do, your talents and skills, the personality traits that you like about yourself. Remind yourself that conviction should outlast any other kind of character trait— knowing what’s right and wrong and stick to the first. Every. Single. Time.

Finally, make time for you. Lessen your time browsing through other peoples’ social media profiles and other unnecessary outside-influence that will negatively affect your self-trust and self-esteem. 

3. Compete Against Yourself 

There are those who say that healthy competition can be good for you. And we won’t refute that. Certainly, if you want to have the highest stats in your office, you’ll have to gauge your output against your colleagues. In the same way, if you’re trying to beat the world record of Usain Bolt in running, you have to align your record against his. Do you get our point? 

Be that as it may, we WILL say that competing against yourself is the best type of competition there is when it comes to gaining quiet confidence. Confidence within yourself. Because nobody else can do a better you than YOU. Know your strengths and weakness. After pointing them out, building on those strengths and improve those weaknesses without announcing what you’re doing. 

Don’t anticipate acknowledgment and praise. Discipline yourself to NEVER seek them out. If they come, that’s fine. If they don’t, it’s not a problem. You understand your capabilities and if you follow through with them, then that will be enough. 

With these 3 basic tips, before you know it, you’ll be exuding a quiet confidence that will help you shine through. 
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