Strong Women Quotes About Confidence

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One of the best things a woman can have in her wardrobe is confidence. Confidence in general is synonymous with self-esteem and women with low self-esteem are often the most insecure people around. It may come as a surprise to learn however, that many women actually suffer from low self-esteem which means they don’t think they look good enough, have little confidence in themselves and feel like they could do better. 

This is where confident woman quotes come into play. They help overcome insecurities and give the confident woman some empowering words to help them on their road to success.

Confident Woman Quotes

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The most confident of all women are those that believe in everything they wear. They are also the same women who are just as pleased with their dresses as they are with their silks. You can tell the gap between a confident woman who wraps herself in shimmering satin and silk and the woman who wears whatever she wants; the only difference is that the first one has higher self confidence than the latter. Confident woman quotes like these are great for giving women the courage to stand up for themselves and feel good about themselves.

Boost your Confidence Levels

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Women are naturally born with more confidence than men however that gradually decreases over the course of time. What you need to do in order to boost your confidence levels is to constantly think positive thoughts about yourself. To make this easier for you I have compiled some of the best outfit and confidence building quotes from some of the world’s most successful and influential women. It doesn’t matter how confident a woman is inside she will still feel insecure if for example she looks good but everyone else sees her wearing terrible clothes. The best outfit and confidence boosting quote therefore is to look good but be confident wearing it.

Confidence is important because self-confidence is the foundation of all successful relationships and businesses. Think about it if you are starting a new relationship or business? Your appearance and behavior are going to determine how successful it will be and therefore how well you attract others. This is why some women spend thousands of dollars on their makeup and clothing. They believe that by looking their best will win over any man. The best outfit and confidence boosting quotes therefore are not just about beauty.

To attract other people you need to have a winning personality. You need women to want to be with you. 

One of the best outfit and confidence boosting quotes is from Julia Roberts. She said:

A strong woman stands up to anyone. You never apologize, you never back down, and you never think twice about someone who’s different from yourself. You’re not needy, and you don’t need anyone to validate what you have to say. A strong woman is bold and confident, and she doesn’t need anyone’s permission to be exactly how she is.”


It is also important to remember that quotes are only one line thoughts. There is no right or wrong way to be confident. Each person has their own set of strengths and weaknesses that are built into them. Having confidence in yourself is just a natural, positive trait.

You must remember though that it takes hard work and effort to be confident. Many strong women quotes talk about the importance of hard work. These women know that in order to succeed they need to put in the hard work that will bring out the best in them. In the end if you put in the time, the rewards are well worth it. Look at it this way, if you were looking for the most effective kind of words to get you through the tough times, what would be your search criteria?

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