Self Image: Basics Things To Know


Meaning Of Self Image

Self-image is defined as believing or having respect for oneself. This has other additional meanings, such as feeling pride in oneself. In other words have confidence in oneself.

Self-image is a combination of all the elements mentioned above, which give you courage to face life’s challenges. It is the opinion you have about yourself.

Self Image: Basics Things To Know
Self Image: Basics Things To Know

It is related to two aspects that are, a sense of personal efficiency, mixed with a sense of personal value. The conjunction of trust and respect for yourself is the full assurance that you need to live and to give value to your life.

Characteristics You Must Achieve: 

•Be confident in yourself. 
• Have the ability to solve problems without worries. 
• Face and eliminate situations that may seem scary. 
•Know that whoever does not risk does not win. 
• Feel relaxed anywhere. 
• Motivate yourself. 
Virtually every aspect of your life; personal happiness, success in your relationships with others, your creativity, your achievements are all related to the level of self image you have. The better this one, the better you will solve the situations that are present in life.

Also, having a good self image is important because it will make you feel good and you will look better. The others will notice and will want to relate to you. In other words, if you are aware of your value as a person, then you will know that you are worthy of admiration and able to achieve what you want.

Where Is The Source Of Negative Self Image?

The environment in which you grew up has a lot to do with the personality you have, but more importantly with the image that you have developed. Because, where can the feelings of inferiority that you sometimes feel come from? Well, many of those surely come from the years spent with the family, because three quarters of your time you have spent in that environment.

Self Image: Basics Things To Know
Self Image: Basics Things To Know

How To Improve Self Image

We are what we are, depending on where we have been. We build our own image with four main factors: our destiny, the positive and negative things that life offers, and our own decisions in relation to those situations we encounter.

Being arrogant or feeling superior to others, just because yes, is nothing more than a sign of insecurity. You will be as important as your achievements, your actions and your goals, but in an intelligent way.

Another good thing is that you can increase your self-image, no matter how you feel at the moment, -that is to say with a high or low motivation- The good vibrations you can generate about yourself have no limit, but best of all is that these feelings are under your control, regardless of the opinion of those around you.