Self: Discovering Your Inner Self

Do we know anything about our inner self? Continually the newscasts shake us with new discoveries regarding a myriad of diverse topics.

Self: Discovering Your Inner Self
Self: Discovering Your Inner Self

It is true that all these discoveries make our lives more enjoyable, easier and even happier but I want to insist on one thing. Columbus discovered America, a very important fact in our history that marks a before and after, but did he discover himself?

Guide Yourself For The Good Feelings Of Your Own Experiences

I am not talking about my tastes, my hobbies or my interests but about my inner self. About the thousand ways in which I am myself; a thousand ways in which I feel good, a thousand ways to meet new realities, a thousand ways to find myself absorbed in the most insignificant, a thousand ways to observe stars, a thousand ways to hear melodies, a thousand ways to taste victory, a thousand ways to sniff out walks nocturnal and a thousand ways to believe in anything capable of contaminating everything around you with good vibes.

Pretend To Become A Unique And Not Exemplary Person

You have to try spread to the people around you, to your loved ones this way of life, this philosophy of life and this silly mania that has caught you. You may not always manage to convince them all, fear that it is a matter of taste and many other pods.

Spend Time And Commitment To Your Inner Self

However, if that is really what makes you become the best version of yourself, forget what others think about your thousand ways. It is important that you dedicate time to your inner self, that you take care of it, protect it, pamper it and accompany it whenever you need it.

Many dedicate that time to morning jogging, to a well-loaded coffee, to a good book, to the scandal of citizens celebrating a party, to a guitar that sings stories or to an intelligent conversation between strangers, among many others.

Self: Discovering Your Inner Self


Why don’t you walk to the town next to yours? I am sure that it will not take you more than an hour, that you will discover endless sensations and that despite always living in the same place you have never dared to do so. And secondly, I found the key that lit my innermost self, yours can be any other. I only give you one option.  Therefore, if so, I invite you to have a date with your future inner self, the one who will be able to take advantage of time, life and oneself through new binoculars.

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