Quotes About Self-Confidence – Think Differently and Change Your Life

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Well, you have come to the right page. This article will be full of quotes for you to learn and use in your everyday life. So sit back and enjoy reading some quotes. You might even learn something new about yourself.

“Quotes are the best proof that you have reached your goal.” – Albert Einstein “The greatest discovery of our age is that a man can be lost and yet not lost forever.” – George Washington “A man’s work is not done when he has finished.” – Anonymous

“A life spent doing what you love will more fill your time than a life spent earning what you do not love.” – Harry Emerson Fosdick “A man’s work is not finished when his work is done; he may have one day to live, but that day does not mean that the work is over. It only means that it is to be lived.” – Richard Bach “Great men sometimes make mistakes, but you should learn not to worry about them and learn to handle them better.”

Attitude Is Everything

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“If you want to achieve great things, you need the will to pursue them.” – Descartes “The greatest obstacles to success are people who prevent you from reaching your goals.” – Mahatma Gandhi “Attitude is everything. What you think of yourself, you also have to believe in yourself.”

“Only the timid or wise man travels from city to city. But the ones who travel from town to town in a humbug seldom find anything to eat there, nor anything to purchase there, but only cheap goods to sell there.” – Ben Franklin “The man who cannot fight off temptation will lose all his possessions, even his favorite pet.” – Alexander Smith

A Word Of Caution

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“A word of caution – self confidence can turn into arrogance if you allow yourself to become smug or superior. So if you feel that your way is best, then do so.” – Napoleon Hill “Use only positive quotes as a way of building your self esteem. Quotes that are inspiring, positive and realistic will help build your character and self belief. When quoting work with the way that you live, they become a way of life.”

“If you want to achieve great things you must believe that you can do them.” – Denis Waitley “Self-confidence and self-esteem are closely linked. One is the way to achieve the other, not the other way around.” – John Assaraf

Inspire And Motivate

I love quotes as much as the next person, and I use them every day to inspire and motivate me. If you have self-confidence issues, don’t let them stop you from taking positive action. Check out more motivational quotes on the Internet, and use them as an effective way to improve your self confidence and self esteem.

There are hundreds of quotes about self-confidence, and all of them are focused on one important thing: positive thinking. Think of a time when you were unable to make a positive decision, or didn’t think of something that needed to be done. When you look at those situations, did your spirit fail you? Did you feel horrible, did you doubt yourself? Those are the same thoughts that plague many people who are lacking in self-confidence, and they need to be erased.

Help You Learn How To Be Confident

By using quotes you can replace that negative energy with positive ones! If you’re feeling down, depressed, and helpless you need to grab a quote! Start reading and thinking about the things that you need to improve upon. You have everything to gain by improving yourself, and nothing to lose. Remember that if you truly want to change your life for the better, it’s never too late to begin.

If you’ve ever been afraid to speak up in a group or confident in your opinion, you can get free quotes about self-esteem from others who have managed to overcome their insecurities and become the person they’ve wanted to be. These quotes will help you learn how to be confident, how to raise your own self esteem, and how to avoid being a victim. You don’t have to put up with feeling worthless, and you don’t have to put up with others criticizing you.


Self confidence is a state of mind, and this is a state that you can change if you take action! Use the power of the mind to turn your fears into achievements, to conquer your fears and triumph over your fears. You don’t have to give up, you just have to think differently! Start reading up on motivational quotes and learn to think differently about yourself, and you’ll be amazed by how much better you feel!

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