Low Self Esteem: Characteristics

The level of self-esteem is variable throughout life, that is, the level of self-esteem and the value we attribute to ourselves is not defined in the metaphor of a straight line.This is one of the most important ingredients of our personal development and emotional well-being, for this reason, it is convenient to listen to those symptoms that indicate that we do not love each other as much as we deserve.

Through self-esteem you become aware of the important relationship you have with yourself since this relationship is the pillar of your bond with others, for this reason, in this online Psychology article, we will discover what are the characteristics of people with Low Confidence so you learn to recognize them and analyze yourself.

What Is Low Self-Esteem?

Low Self Esteem: Characteristics
Low Self Esteem: Characteristics

Before analyzing the elements that make up a person with low confidence, it is important to learn to define the basis of it . First of all we question what are the characteristics of this? How can we define it? What differentiates low and high self-esteem?


We define this psychological construct as an individual property based on how much we can value ourselves. Self-esteem is therefore based on self-image and the ability to love and appreciate each other.

What Is Low Self-Esteem?

A person with low confidence, then, will be the one who presents difficulties to be able to appreciate all those characteristics that make him so special. You usually think that it will not be enough and that you will not present the necessary skills to be able to function correctly, either at work or in social gatherings.

Main Characteristics Of People

Low Self Esteem: Characteristics
Low Self Esteem: Characteristics

This can facilitate the appearance of many disorders and psychological problems, for that same reason, here we will discover a list with the characteristics of people with low Confidence. The most common characteristics are:

They are not sure, they have difficulty making decisions, they have an exaggerated fear of being wrong. They only make a decision when they are completely sure of 100% results.

They are not valued, neither their talents nor their possibilities. They see their small talents, instead those of others see them as large and even exaggerated.

They are afraid of the new and avoid the risks.

They are very anxious and nervous, which leads them to avoid situations that give them anguish and fear.

They are not active hence they avoid taking the initiative.

They are isolated, shy people and have almost no friends or very few.

They don’t like to share their feelings with others.

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