How to Use Confidence Tricks As a Life Coach - How to Use Confidence Tricks As a Life Coach -

How to Use Confidence Tricks As a Life Coach

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If you think you are too cool to be a life coach then you definitely need a Life Coach Confidence Trick. When you’re a life coach and someone asks you what your background is, you want to make sure that you are able to paint a clear picture of who you are. This is because you will be giving advice to people and they have to trust that you are a relevant part of their lives. That’s why you should build a good reputation first before getting involved in a profession where you need to prove yourself.

A good coaching practice is when a life coach asks his trainee a question that he can answer with total confidence. If he cannot do so then he just gives up and moves on. But if he’s able to answer confidently even if it’s not something he is very familiar with then he already has credibility and the clients will look up to him for that.

The result of this is the end product being more credible. Coaches tend to take charge at the beginning of a relationship because they believe in their potential. They don’t want to wait until something goes wrong or there are major issues before they do something. It’s better to do things right from the beginning.

Life Coach Confidence Trick

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Building confidence takes time. You might find it challenging at times but the results speak for themselves. Your clients are going to appreciate your support and they’ll see you as a reliable coach. This also builds rapport which is one of the most important Life Coach Confidence Tricks of all.

One of the most effective tricks of all is the “how did you do that?” trick. This works wonders and will get you lots of new customers. One example is if you are coaching a salesperson and the customer says he got a great response from a client and wants to continue with the sales talk. But he needs to know how you got him to change his mindset about a particular issue so that he is more willing to change.

A Much Ado

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The confidence trick works well by telling the client, “When you said that you were ready to buy this house, I realized that you were still believing that you couldn’t do it. I changed my mindset and I realized that I was never going to be stopped by an issue such as that. I am committed to giving you the best life coach service you deserve.” The client will understand that this is a new issue in his life and is willing to see things in a new light.

Another confidence trick is to get the client to think about his life in a positive way. This may sound like a difficult task but the client will really appreciate the effort you have put into this. This can really motivate the client and he’ll be more likely to listen to you. This may sound like common sense, but you’d be surprised how many people have an issue when it comes to listening. If the client feels like you are talking down to him, he will shut you out and you will be unable to get any information out of him.

Bottom Line

When you are working with a new client you need to keep in mind that the first impression you give your prospect is usually a lasting impression. You must show the prospect that you are not only confident but also willing to do what is necessary for him. This is where confidence tricks come into play. They help you to overcome any reservations or doubts that the client may have about hiring you as a life coach. Confidence tricks may include telling the client stories about past clients that have helped them achieve the goals they are currently achieving.

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