How To Self Love?


Self love In this world there is one and only one person with whom you will always have to deal with every single moment of your life, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s you, yourself and no one else.

You are the first person you perceive every morning when you wake up, and the last person to accompany you the night before you fall asleep.

Many people will come and go in your life, but the one you see every day reflected in the mirror will be there forever. Just as in our lives we learn to walk, run and talk, we also need to learn to self love.

To love oneself is a skill that is built over time, a goal that is the result of a series of behaviors that are consistent with the desire to give value to oneself and one’s life.

How To Self Love
How To Self Love

Here are 4 common behaviors that you must avoid to learn to self love and bring value and light to your essence.

Stop Criticizing Yourself Continuously

Can you ever achieve ultimate self-love, if you don’t miss a chance to criticize and debase yourself?

Once the primary needs of protection, survival, and sustenance are met, every human being has the fundamental need to feel loved, accepted, desired, understood and valued.

Each of us is nourished by the possibility of being constantly supported and supported, and a massive dose of criticism certainly does not fulfill this function.

The criticisms create a closure, protection and defense; exactly the opposite of the expansion, openness and flourishing needed, to self-appreciation.

Self Love: Stop Wanting To Be Perfect

You will make mistakes, you will stumble and fall, and above all, you will understand how the only virtue is to learn every day both from your strengths and above all from your limits.

Accepting yourself for what you are independent of your vices and virtues, is the first exercise of lovethat you can practice in your regards.

The moment you accept yourself unconditionally, freeing yourself from any pressure and expectation, you will achieve true self love.

How To Self Love
How To Self Love

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

There is no one in this world who is comparable to you. We are all unique and different in our own way, each with its own wealth of experience, knowledge, emotions, and thoughts.

Observing others will remove energy from you and your goals, distracting you from the only person with which it makes sense to enter into competition: yourself.

You don’t need to confront yourself with perfect strangers, it would be useless, specious and unwise.

The only person you respect every day is you.

The more you show that you appreciate the value of your uniqueness, the more you will offer incentives to others to do the same to you.

Self Love: Stop Identifying Yourself With Your Skills

Many people identify themselves and their value from their personal merits and abilities. In reality, who you are is quite another thing than what you do; deserving an insufficiency in a trial does not mean being insufficient. It means having insufficient skills in that particular task, and not being insufficient.