Famous Quotes About Self-Confidence

famous quotes about self confidence

Famous quotes about self confidence are valuable in so many ways. To begin with they give inspiration and motivation to do the right thing and believe in oneself. They also give solutions to major problems. These problems include low self-esteem, lack of motivation, lack of confidence, fear, depression, insecurity, doubt, and so on. They act as a wakeup call to get back on track, to raise one’s standards, and to be successful.

Writings Of Mark Twain

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Some of the most famous quotes about confidence come from the writings of Mark Twain. He said, “Confidence comes when you stop worrying and begin to trust yourself.” And he was absolutely right.

This quote reminds us that true and lasting success does not come when we least expect it, but only when we take chances and when we believe that we can do something great. This is because in order to succeed in anything that we do we have to believe that we can do it, and that we can achieve success. However, most people who fail are convinced beforehand that they are capable of achieving success, but they do not have the courage to actually do so in the face of numerous challenges, just as many people do not have the courage to believe that they are truly human and fully capable of handling any problem.

Denis Waitley

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Another of the famous quotes about self-confidence comes from a famous American motivational speaker, Denis Waitley. He said, “You cannot raise your self-esteem by masking your fear. Your success depends on facing your fears and taking charge. The first step towards confidence is to be confident in yourself.” Again, this is certainly true and has been proven time and again by many people, from the greatest athletes to the most average of individuals.

There are also famous confidence quotes for women. One famous one, which was often quoted, was by Betty Draper, who said, “The best way to achieve your dream is to dream it, and conquer it.” Clearly, Draper is suggesting that you do not base your dreams on what others expect of you, but you make them yourself. It is important that if you wish to achieve your goals that you are confident and that you are truly willing to go the distance, just as Draper did. As long as you do not let fear of failure keep you from taking action, there is no reason why you should not find yourself in the arms of success.

Quote By Descartes

Another famous quote about self-confidence concerns a quote by Descartes. In the opening paragraph of his treatise on probability, Descartes states, “For all your know-how to be skillful, it will be necessary to be in the place of the majority.” Clearly, by this quote, Descartes means that it will be necessary for you to stand out from the vast majority if you wish to be skilled at whatever it is that you wish to be skilled at. Indeed, he goes on to state that, “To make the most of your own abilities, it will be necessary to stand out by superior talent, attention, and ability.” These famous confidence quotes about self-confidence definitely imply that if you wish to be good at something, you will have to put in the work.

Summing Up

Famous quotes about self-confidence such as those mentioned above are useful in themselves. They give us hope that although we are human, we can achieve our goals and dreams. However, if we want to excel in the area of confidence, it would be important to follow the path of someone like Norman Vincent Peale, who in his many years of writing has helped thousands of people develop their confidence and their lives.

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