Effect Of Lack Of Self-Worth On Human Lifestyle

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How do humans suffer from the problem of lack of self-worth? What is the effect of lack of worth on human life? Self-worth is like the sense of the human’s internal body to rich the goodness and excitement in life. People have measured themselves with help to self-worth. Self-worth is also known as self-esteem. Self-worth plays a vital role in human life. Everyone has the required self-worth to do work quickly and keep happy in life. But today, many people suffer from the problem of the lack of self-worth and self-confidence. People feel unhappy, unsatisfied with themselves because of the problem of low self-worth. It stops the growth of people in life and badly disturbs his happy running life. If any suffer from the common slow-worth problem, consult the doctors, exercise daily, keep themselves stress-free and happy, etc.  

Causes Of Lack Of Self-Worth

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There are many causes which increase the problem of lack of self-worth in the human lifestyle as follows.

·         An unhappy childhood, childhood accidents, or it can be any incident which has impacted your life.

·         Impaired performance in academics and sports has decreased self-confidence.

·         Heavy stress and tension on life by financial problems, relationship breakdown, etc. regions.

·         Parents are not treated happy with their children, and they are born with the lack of a worth problem.

·         People suffer from medical issues, such as chronic disease, illness, physical disability, etc.

·         People suffer from Mental illnesses, such as tension, anxiety disorders, depression, etc.

Characteristics Of Lack Of Self-Worth

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Many characteristics help to get the beginning of the lack of self-worth, as follows.

·         To ignore the positivity and talent of themselves.

·         Compare with others, and keep themselves sad and tense.

·         Using negative words to introduce themselves.

·         Discussing with themselves and counting mistakes, self-blaming, etc.

·         Please do not believe in people who compliment them.

·         People are highly critical of themselves. 

·         Always keep in tension and stress.

·         It comes with the opportunity to achieve, but not get this and set the mind to do not.

·         When anything goes wrong, they blame themselves.

Effect Of Low Self-Worth On Human Lifestyle

Effects of lack of self-worth on human lifestyle and reducing the quality of life are as follows.

·         Negative feeling: By negative feelings, low self-worth people come in depression, sadness, anxiety, shame, anger, guilt.   

·         Fear for doing: Low self-worth people are always begging their hand to do work. It feels like I will not do this.

·         Lack of Self-care: Low self-worth people do not care about their health and drink too much alcohol.

·         Self-injury behavior: low self-worth people always try to injure themselves.

·         Other problems: Low self-worth people suffer from relationship issues, low resilience,  fear of self-judgment, etc.


Lack of self-worth is bad for the life of humans. If anyone suffers from the problem of lack of self-worth it is required to take precaution towards themselves because by this peoples are not progressing in life and come in depression, sadness, etc. They are also not good for your health. Humans have vital skills to keep happy and healthy in life to live soundly.

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