Drake Quotes About Self Confidence – Must Know Things

drake quotes about self confidence

Drake, or born Aubrey Graham Drake who is a Canadian singer struggled hard to become what he is today. Not only he is renowned as a singer, but designations such as rapper, songwriter, actor, record producer are some of the specialties he expertise in. He was spotted first in a teen drama named Degrassi: The Next Generation which as broadcasted during the 2000s. This was however the initial stage of his life, which he left in 2007 for pursuing his musical journey. His journey seems one of those profound stories which certainly have the power to inspire the commoners. So, here are some Drake quotes about self confidence and life that you need to learn. If you feel down, this motivational quotes and thoughts will surely help you. 

Drake Quotes About Self Confidence To Deal With Life

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Well, Dake believes that the word ‘perfect’ is something from which he walks away. He said once ‘I did everything that I could right there. There was nothing more that I could do’. He continues saying that he worked hard and there was nothing that he could have done more, this was what perfection is to him. 

People every morning wake up light feeling all-new and fresh right?  Celebrity like Drake also believes that he wakes up every morning and his heart is light, not heavy. It is ‘the day’ that we go through that surprises us with stress and disappointments. However, still every next morning we wake up feeling light and not heavy at heart, Isn’t it?

More On Drake Quotes About Life

Drake shares a cordial relationship with his father. In this regard, he once states that ‘Me and my dad are friends. We are cool. I will never be disappointed_again because I don’t expect_anything anymore from him. I just let him exist, and that’s how we get along.’ We all at some point feel disappointed in our parents. But a correct way to handle the situation makes it a positive approach. 

He believes that his music helps him build a connection to the generation we are living in. But still, there is an unknown fear that lurks behind. Since people of this generation consider outsiders’ opinions. Which is real talk. Also, people believe that everyone has fans, which is again a notion that is certainly self-destructive. He commented ‘I feel connected to my generation through the music, but I also feel scared of us. We are in_a very self-destructive state where we are addicted to outsiders’ opinions_and we all feel like we have_fans ’.

Drake Quotes About Self Confidence, Let’s See

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Self-confidence is that abstract notion which one needs to feel deep. People find motivation looking towards their icons and idols. Drake talks about his chance to inspire people by jotting his quotes on self confidence.

He says ‘I would rather tell you how I feel’. Not only this sentence is straightforward but also very motivating. But how right? Since it is good to talk about feeling and not hiding them.

We often find people being mischievous but acting stupid. However, Drake shows us different aspects of these characteristics. He believes that one needs to be mischievous but calculative. In this regard, he quotes ‘I’m mischievous, but I’ am calculative’.

Being a celebrity is certainly motivational, but keeping up with the same image might be not an easy task. On that note, Drake says, that there will be days when he will walk in the arena and he will hear people cheering him up. And there might be days, where he will hear people shouting ‘boo’. He believes in acting the same way, is a mature way to handle life. But why? Because in both the scenarios, he heard loud noises, that reminds him that his presence is relevant.


Well, these are some Drake quotes about self confidence and life. Although a celebrity, still he carries his life in a modest and sober manner. This gives him the opportunity to enjoy a huge fan base. Well, certainly he might be wrong in some of his actions and comments. But that is what signifies the importance of being  a mortal at the end of the day, isn’t it? I hope this Drake quotes about self confidence and life inspires you to have a positive set of mind each day

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