Define Confidence – Shy People Can Overcome Shyness

define confidence

When you have a healthy level of self-esteem in yourself, you tend to be much more likely to take risks that might otherwise be considered fearful or uncertain. But how do you get to the point where you are totally confident without having to rely on outside sources to give you that boost?

Self Assurance

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First, define confidence, and realize that self-assurance is much more than what you think it is. For a truly confident person, their level of self-assurance is so high that nothing can shake it. In fact, there is nothing that any of us can do to change our confidence levels to simply make them higher. If we are naturally born confident, it is absolutely logical that we can achieve any goal that we set ourselves.

When you have mastered the ability to define confidence, you will also notice that you are not afraid of anything at all. Fear is simply an emotion that we experience in order to prepare for something that we don’t know about. It is the only thing that prepares us to deal with the unknown. However, the unknown is always much less scary than the known. This is because no one can really know what will happen, and this causes anxiety that leads to fear and the need to avoid whatever it is that is in front of us.

Self Confidence

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Therefore, to achieve an extremely high level of self-confidence, you must first be willing to face anything that you are afraid of. The more fears that you have, the greater the need you feel to hide them. However, the problem is that the more you hide your fears, the greater they grow and become a formidable opponent that has the power to knock down the confidence that you have. This is because when you hide your fears, the more you are in danger, and the stronger your self-confidence becomes, the harder it becomes to overcome those fears.

Self Esteem

For Susana, there were many reasons as to why she needed help to gain a better self-assurance and self-esteem. She had experienced many setbacks, which had resulted in her becoming incredibly self-critical. She was extremely worried that she might never prosper like others. However, as she continued on with her education, she realized that her talents were excellent and she did not have any major setbacks. Consequently, she continued on with pursuing her education and honing her abilities. At this time, a very wealthy benefactor offered to finance her education, so that she could pursue her dream and study to become a doctor.

Self Respect

As Susana’s dream came true, she discovered that by becoming an excellent doctor, she would be able to gain a great deal of self-respect and confidence. Moreover, by becoming an excellent doctor, she would also enjoy many wonderful benefits. However, her lack of confidence was now an obstacle that was preventing her from enjoying all of these. Consequently, her quest for self-discovery led her to Dr. Josefina V. Ceballos, a renowned psychologist. Dr. Ceballos analyzed Susana’s behavior, personality, self-confidence, self-image and other related factors to provide her with the much-needed self-help.

Positive Attitude

Once she had undergone a therapy session with Dr. Ceballos, she discovered that what she had in her life was actually her true confidence, which she had been concealing since childhood. Through this therapy, she was able to discover and uncover her true confidence, which enabled her to develop a positive attitude and approach towards new things, which otherwise she might have shied away from because of her timidness. Furthermore, by gaining self-confidence, one is also able to rise above other people on occasions, as they will not feel intimidated by their new found capabilities. Thus, it can also prove to be a great motivator to those who are shy, as they can now perform new things with ease, instead of being shy about performing them.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, one should never underestimate the positive effects that self-assurance has on confidence, self-image and general personality development. While being shy is natural, being overly confident is not. The key therefore lies in being confident without being overconfident, which is only possible when you know and have identified your own personal strengths, which you alone can do, and then use them to your own advantage! While these are only some tips to help you define confidence, remember that it all comes down to the way you see yourself and how you react to situations. Your sense of self-confidence should be an extension of your own inner confidence, which would in turn lead you to achieve more in life.

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