Confidence: The 4 Pillars Of Building It

The 4 Pillars Of Building Confidence

The leadership, success and relationships we have depend fundamentally on the degree of confidence that people have in us. Lack of confidence destroys relationships, and consequently, the leadership we can exercise over our team. Before showing you the 4 pillars to building confidence it is important to emphasize that it is based on two aspects that are central to developing it: character and aptitude.

An individual with great aptitude (ability to do things and give results) but without character is someone who cannot be building confidence in his team. Similarly, an individual with a great character but without aptitude just cannot be building confidence either because his team will never trust his ability, criteria, decisions and vision.
Consequently, we need to develop both. Character is formed with integrity an intention and aptitude develops with capacity and results.
To building confidence you need:

Confidence: Pillar # 1: Integrity

Confidence: The 4 Pillars Of Building It
Confidence: The 4 Pillars Of Building It

Integrity is about consistency and congruence. It is to walk the path you preach. There is no difference between who you are and what you say you are. Integrity happens when there is an alignment between what you think, feel and what you do (both in public and in secret).
Integrity makes you transparent and people like transparent people.

Pillar # 2: Intention

The intention is the transparency you give your team about your real motivations. People hate hidden agendas and gray motivations. Real motivations need to be clearly communicated to the individuals in your team that will build confidence.

Pillar # 3: Capacity

Confidence: The 4 Pillars Of Building It
Confidence: The 4 Pillars Of Building It

Capabilities refer to talents, skills, knowledge, communication skills and style of relating to others.
However, I have always preached that one as a leader must become an expert in his area of ​​work or business. The expertise in your work area will give you inspiration in yourself, which will cascade in trust of others to you.
Another important aspect is to become a student of leadership, human relationships, communication, etc. All this will increase your skills, which will build processes in your team’s part.

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