Confidence Gap: The 4 Main Causes I Top Reasons For Confidence Gap Confidence Gap: The 4 Main Causes I Top Reasons For Confidence Gap

Confidence Gap: The 4 Main Causes

Confidence Gap: The 4 Main Causes

Inability to assert oneself, to be respected, to be rejected, afraid of the future or others? Questions and doubts permanently about oneself, about everything?

An impossibility to make choices for oneself, to take initiatives?

And if it was a lack of self-confidence?

Know how to recognize the behavioural errors that reduce self-confidence and if you recognize yourself, react!

The subject is vast and complex. Do you know that we are all born with this ability? So how come so many people suffer from a confidence gap?

It’s a process that appears as you go through life. Whether it is lived experiences, labels that our parents, teachers, our entourage put us, it diminishes the confidence that we have in ourselves. But there is no inevitability, you can overcome the confidence gap at any time provided you change certain ways of being and doing.

Confidence Gap: The 4 Main Causes
Confidence Gap: The 4 Main Causes

Confidence Gap : Devaluing Is The Main Cause

If you are accustomed to repeating regularly “I’m bad”, “I’m not able …”, “I’m good for nothing”, it’s a safe bet that you have trouble moving forward. Thus, achieving satisfactory results in your life or daring to undertake or formulate wishes is difficult for you. It is a lack of self-confidence.

Be aware of the moments in which you say that to yourself. Then make sure you have a more caring attitude with yourself. Take a moment to list your different qualities and strengths (if so, you have lots of them, look good!) And every time you treat yourself as “null” or “not able” immediately replace this expression with “… but I am very good at … for …” or “I am a person who is appreciated for …”.

Confidence Gap Leads To The Negative State Of Mind

This is the best way to maintain and increase the confidence gap.

Seeing the glass half empty while at the same time half full is indicative of your negative state of mind. But in every situation, event, there is always a positive aspect. This will ask you a little intellectual gymnastics at first but the game is worth the candle. Make every time you are confronted with something that seems negative, to your disadvantage or unpleasant to find one or more positive sides. You will be surprised because you will find it every time!

Being Surrounded By Negative People

You certainly have a lot of people around you who constantly moan, complain, blame the backs of others, be pessimistic … Without you aware, these people have a direct harmful influence on you. This has a significant impact on your mood, your mood and your ability to be optimistic and take life on the right side.

A tip: run away from them, you will do much better!

Confidence Gap: The 4 Main Causes
Confidence Gap: The 4 Main Causes

Position Yourself As A Victim

Who never says “it’s not my fault”, “it’s because of”, “I’m not for nothing”, “it would not have happened if so-and-so had not said or done that “,” I was obliged “,” I did not have the choice “…

It is indeed easier when faced with difficulty, a failure to find excuses or to accuse the other by positioning himself as a victim rather than to acknowledge his share of responsibility in the situation. This attitude puts you in a situation of suffering and you forget your own free will and personal power. Or if you find yourself in this situation it is good that you put yourself in it is that you can get out. So you have to take responsibility for everything that happens to you because ,you will allow yourself to look for solutions and then implement them rather than waiting for a hypothetical solution that will not fall from the sky anyway.

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