Building Confidence In Kids - Motivate Your Child The Right Way -

Building Confidence In Kids – Motivate Your Child The Right Way

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The learning phase of life is also one of the most vulnerable periods. Just as they say, it is better to teach a kid some values than to change a grown-up. Guidance from Parents plays a pivotal role in a child’s personality development. Building confidence in kids is not an easy task and it requires efforts from parents specifically. Here are 7 absolutely necessary qualities every parent should teach their kids at 5 to help them build confidence the right way.

Building Confidence In Kids – The Right Language

The kid must under no circumstance be exposed to obscene words or filthy language. The words they pick up in early childhood have a deep impact on their character development. Kids must be taught good and positive words. They must be exposed to the pleasant language and must learn many idioms and good sayings.

Building Confidence In Kids -Responsibility for things they handle

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Kids can’t just go around and grab hold, break or damage all the stuff in their proximity. They must be taught to be responsible and not be chaotic. They should be made to realize that there are things that should be protected.

Building Confidence In Kids – Benevolence

Even though 5-year old’s are too young to understand it any deeper, they must be actively exposed to kindhearted and compassionate behavior. This helps them not to develop any negative feelings or thoughts. Parents should make efforts to teach kids what goodwill and social conscience are.

Building Confidence In Kids – Talk More Cry Less

As toddlers, kids may have spent crying randomly. This no longer should be the case. Also, they must be encouraged to talk more, as much as they can. This behavior bridges the communication gap that may prevail as the child grows up. Also by making them talk you will get to know more about their strengths and weaknesses.

Building Confidence In Kids – Physical Activity

It must be made a habit that kids are involved in any sort of physical activity. Be it randomly running around or playing a simple sport, kids must be induced with a physically active mindset. This also helps them get to sleep at proper intervals.

Building Confidence In Kids – Sharing and Caring

Kids must be introduced to the concept of Sharing. They should apprehend the idea behind sharing things. Kids are often found to be reluctant to let go of their things. Such behavior should not be encouraged.

Building Confidence In Kids – Sense of Cleanliness

Kids must be taught to maintain their personal hygiene. Inculcating the idea of neatness at this early age is imperative. Habits like washing hands at regular intervals properly, bathing, staying away from dirt, etc. must be practiced.  


It is also extremely important for the parents to help them understand how discipline can make them more confident. When you are in the process of making your child confident, you are teaching more than one good behavior and it is a Win-Win strategy for both the child and the parent. 

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