Building Confidence In Children -

Building Confidence In Children

building confidence in children

They can even convince themselves that they are someone who looks confident. As they become more confident, so does the “overconfidence” image that goes along with it. As your children build confidence, you’ll begin to see an increase in their over-confidence.

Proper Direction

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Here are some ways you can get your kids to try new things. Involve them in all parts of the process. Make it fun. Let them pick out what projects they want to work on, but be sure to give them some direction as well. They need to feel involved in the process just as much as you do. With proper direction, children will feel more confident as they try new things.

You can build confidence in your child by showing them their successes. They need to see that you see their successes as proof that they are doing something right. Even if they don’t make it to the final project, displaying their accomplishments will help fuel their desire to do better.

Build Confidence

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Another great way to help your kids build confidence in themselves is to send them out into the world and let them experience your praise. Children take action more quickly if they have a sense of succeeding. Praise them for taking action when they do something right. Kids will then turn around and do the same thing when given another chance.

Once again, building confidence in children is all about reinforcing positive self-talk. When your child takes a compliment sincerely and with love, they will turn that negative comment around into an affirmative statement. They will believe that they can do anything they set their mind to. The next time they are criticized or called on for not following directions, they will view that comment as a valid criticism when the same thing was told the second time.


Every time they misbehave, remind them that they have total control over themselves. Never reprimand them for being unable to control themselves because that will instill confidence in them that their behavior is perfectly normal. When they take responsibility for their actions, they no longer feel the need to defend their actions in some twisted manner. Instead of dwelling on what they didn’t do, remind them that they are a perfect human being just like everyone else. Each time they act normally, send them a note of appreciation and remind them that they are definitely not the only one living in that world who is going through the same things they are.


Building confidence in children is all about letting them know that you are always there for them, even if they don’t open up to you right now. Letting them feel that you are there to listen, help, and support them is one of the best ways to build their self-esteem. If you are active, play with your kids, nurture them with your presence and give constructive advice, then your kids will feel secure in themselves. Kids are much easier to impress with their own kids nurturing than trying new things when they don’t completely trust in your ability to do the task.

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