Build Confidence: Must Have Ability I Top Tips For Self Growth Build Confidence: Must Have Ability I Top Tips For Self Growth

Build Confidence: Must Have Ability

Essentials Of Building Confidence

Humans could not live in harmony if they lack the ability to build confidence, that is, the firm security of a person, because of the relationship of friendship or the work he performs.

Build Confidence: Must Have Ability
Build Confidence: Must Have Ability

We have security in a person because we know that in his words there is no double meaning or search; he never makes a light judgment about the attitudes of others; He works with intensity, trying to finish the entrusted task taking care of even the smallest detail; It will arrive on time if it has been agreed or it will keep the secret that we have entrusted to it.

It is easy to lose confidence in someone when they do not act fairly, a merchant, professional or service provider who abuses our lack of knowledge or goodwill, and asks in return for an amount of money that does not correspond to what was agreed upon.

We can confuse “self-confidence” by making it a presumption, as a way of making us notice through an attitude that is not respectful to people, places, and circumstances, abruptly treating a waiter or looking for the means to not line up in a bank.

Another misunderstood form to build confidence, is the excessive familiarity in the treatment, provoking the mockery of those around us, the same family members and co-workers are the victims of our siege, possibly do not react violently to our behavior due to lack of resources, but for having more education.

Ways To Build Confidence

– Every time we teach others to work, accepting their failures and helping them to improve, in this way they can acquire security in what they are doing.

– To make decisions, take into account those who share the same responsibilities, so, with another vision of the situation, better results are obtained.

– Know how to listen to the opinion of others, regardless of our best preparation or the highest level position we occupy.

– Help children to decide, trying to provide them with the elements that help them take the option that suits them.

– Seeking to fulfill the orders we have on time, at work, at home, and with friends.

– Present our work clean, tidy and timely.

– Always speak with the truth.

– Charge the right amount of money for what we sell or the service we provide.

Build Confidence: Must Have Ability
Build Confidence: Must Have Ability

Prevent Other People From Making Fun Or Slander.

We build confidence to responsibly fulfill our obligations, we help others with our advice or our work, if we know how to fulfill the promises we make, we avoid criticizing others, we create a pleasant atmosphere in the meetings to which we are invited, we understand the mistakes of others and we help correct.

Perhaps the best indicators to build confidence are the number of friends we have, the number of people who come to our business and the responsibilities assigned to us at work. When this happens, we can say that we are reliable and have been successful to build confidence.

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