10 Steps to a Successful Life – Be Your Own Life Coach

be your own life coach

What is life coaching? Life coaching is simply when a professional life coach helps you to take action towards your goals. One on one coaching is costly, the average hourly rate is roughly $500 per hour. Fortunately, life coaching, by utilizing special coaching techniques to your individual goals, is also a very viable way to get the rewards of life coaching without the cost.

Importance Of Life Coach Lessons

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Life coaching lessons are geared towards answering one or more questions that may be haunting you in this day and age. Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed by career and family responsibilities. Or maybe you are just lacking some direction in your personal and business life. Maybe you are just looking for ways to be your own best friend. No matter what your problem is, you will likely find a life coach who can provide you with some expert insight.

Life coaches are not all the same; they do not all work in the same way. Some specialize in working with individuals who have specific needs like those who need mental maps and coping mechanisms or those who are over-anxiety prone. Other life coaches work with all different types of people. Some deal with corporate clients and others work with families. No matter what type of client you are seeking, a life coach can help you identify your personal weaknesses and build effective tools to overcome those weaknesses.

Your life coach will be your guide to living your life by means of sound principles of motivation and goal setting. A good coach will bring in his or her own set of skills, experience and knowledge. These may include coaching skills, communication skills, career counseling skills, and a personal set of core values. The core values referred to here may be similar to those that one would hold in common with oneself, such as sharing and empathy, fairness and respect, and an open mind.

Understand Your Client’s Needs And Weaknesses

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A great deal of your success as a life coach will depend on how well you understand your client’s needs and weaknesses. A life coach will be your map to get from point A to point B. A good coach has to have an innate ability to listen effectively. He or she must also be empathic, so that he or she is able to help you recognize your strengths and weaknesses, and use them to strengthen your character and personality.

Know How To Make The Most Of Your Strengths And Weaknesses

To be your own life coach, you need to know how to make the most of your strengths and weaknesses. One way you can do this is through identifying your “voices.” Your personal vox-man is your inner voice–the one that guides your decisions, your sense of direction and your feelings about important matters. It may be your mother, your spouse, or a trusted mentor. Learning to identify your “voices,” you can then listen carefully to their lessons and use them to strengthen your personality and leadership qualities.

Summing Up

Another way to be your own life coach is to identify your “vibes.” What types of people do you relate with best? What types of things do they like to do? Learning about the personalities of those you wish to communicate with will give you a deeper understanding of their needs and the steps you can take to help them reach their goals.

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